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OasisDating 2023 Review: All You Need To Know Before You Sign Up

Are you looking for love? Or maybe just a fling? If so, OasisDating might be the perfect place to find it! But is this dating site worth your time and money? We’ll take an in-depth look at all of its features, pros and cons. So buckle up – let’s dive into our review of OasisDating!


Well, if you’re looking for a dating site that’s as dry and barren as the Sahara Desert, then OasisDating is definitely your spot! Let me tell ya – it was like pulling teeth trying to find someone worth my time. It felt like I was sifting through an endless desert of sand with no oasis in sight. Plus, the profiles were about as exciting and interesting as watching paint dry – totally not worth my hard-earned cash or precious time. All in all, this place is best avoided if you want to actually meet somebody special online!

OasisDating in 10 seconds

  • OasisDating is a dating site that uses an advanced matching algorithm to connect users with potential matches.
  • The site offers a range of pricing options, from free basic membership to premium subscriptions.
  • Premium subscription prices start at $12.90 per month for 3 months and go up to $59.90 for 12 months.
  • OasisDating also has an app available for iOS and Android devices.
  • Compared to other sites on the market, OasisDating is relatively affordable.
  • OasisDating takes user privacy and security seriously, offering features such as profile verification and photo moderation.
  • The site also has a unique feature called ‘The Relationship Chemistry Predictor’ which helps users identify their compatibility with potential matches.
  • OasisDating allows users to block or report suspicious activity and profiles.
  • The site also offers an anonymous messaging service for users who wish to remain anonymous.
  • OasisDating also has a ‘date ideas’ section which provides users with ideas for dates in their local area.

Pros & Cons

  • Free to join and use
  • Easy-to-navigate interface
  • Large user base for increased chances of finding a match
  • Limited user base in some areas
  • Fewer features than other dating sites
  • Messaging can be slow and unreliable at times
  • Some profiles are not very detailed or accurate
  • No mobile app available

How we reviewed OasisDating

As an online dating expert, I take my job seriously. When it comes to reviewing OasisDating, we didn’t just skim the surface – our team put in a lot of effort and dedication into making sure that our review was comprehensive and thorough. We tested both free and paid versions of the site for several days (we sent over 100 messages during this time). To get a full picture of what OasisDating has to offer its users, we took part in conversations with other members on the platform as well as explored all features available within each version. We also looked at user reviews from different sources such as Trustpilot or Reddit forums so that we could make sure nothing was missed out when compiling our review report. Additionally, one member even spent five days using only premium services while another dedicated two weeks solely messaging people they found through searches made on OasisDating’s website – proving how committed my team is to giving readers an honest assessment about their experience with this particular dating site! Our commitment sets us apart from other review sites who don’t provide such detailed insights into their experiences with any given product or service; something which makes me proud every day knowing I’m helping others find love without having them worry about whether they’re being scammed or not!

Signing up

So, you’re thinking about signing up for OasisDating? Well, buckle up and get ready to jump through a few hoops. The registration process isn’t too complicated but it’s not the most straightforward either. First off, you’ll need to be at least 18 years old in order to join this dating site – no exceptions! Once that requirement is met then you can go ahead and create your profile by entering some basic information like your name (or nickname), age, gender identity/orientation etc. You’ll also have the option of uploading a photo if desired or just skip over that step altogether; whatever floats your boat! The next part involves filling out an extensive questionnaire which includes questions such as what kind of relationship are you looking for? What do people usually notice first when they meet me?, Do I prefer going out with friends or staying home alone?, How would my closest friend describe me?, What type of music do I listen to…and so on. This will help determine who best matches with whom based on their answers provided – pretty cool right?! After completing all these steps successfully then voila-you’ve officially become an official member! And don’t worry there won’t be any hidden fees because joining OasisDating is totally free!! Yayyyy!!! Now comes the fun part: finding someone special amongst millions upon millions other members from around the world…who knows maybe even true love awaits?? So why wait? Get started today and see where life takes ya 😉

  • To register on OasisDating, you will need:
  • A valid email address
  • A password
  • Your gender
  • Your date of birth
  • Your location
  • A profile photo
  • A brief description of yourself

Design & Usability

When it comes to online dating, first impressions are everything. Unfortunately for OasisDating, its design and usability leave a lot to be desired. The site’s color scheme is dull and uninspiring – shades of grey with the occasional splash of blue here or there – which doesn’t exactly scream "romance." The layout isn’t much better; navigation can be confusing at times as some features seem hidden away in obscure corners of the page. And don’t even get me started on how slow loading time can make you want to pull your hair out! Ugh… talk about a total buzzkill when trying to find love online! To top it off, many users have complained that they had difficulty canceling their subscription due to an unclear cancellation process – yikes! On the plus side though (if you could call it that), if you do decide upgrade your account by purchasing one of their paid subscriptions then UI improvements may help ease some frustrations but let’s face facts: no amount money will change this website from being anything more than mediocre at best.

Overall, I wouldn’t recommend using OasisDating unless all other options fail because honestly speaking there are far better sites out there designed specifically for finding romance without having such an eye-sore experience while doing so

Help & Support

When it comes to OasisDating, their support is a bit of a letdown. Trying to get help from them can be like trying to find a needle in the haystack – good luck! From what I’ve seen and experienced, they don’t have much of an interest in helping users out when they need assistance.

First off, there’s no page with frequently asked questions that you can refer back too if you’re having any issues or want more information about how the site works. This means your only option for getting help is by contacting customer service directly via email or live chat – both which take forever (if ever) for someone on their end to respond. In my experience as an online dating expert who has used this website multiple times over the years, I’ve sent several emails asking various questions but never received anything back other than automated responses saying “we’ll look into it”…which usually ends up being nothing at all! And forget about using their live chat feature because even after waiting around 20 minutes just hoping somebody would answer me…crickets were chirping instead! Talk about disappointing…and frustrating too!!

To make matters worse, when I did finally manage to reach one of OasisDating’s so-called "support" team members through another channel outside of their own website – guess what? The response was far from satisfactory; not only was he unhelpful but downright rude as well – talk about adding insult injury!! So yeah..it goes without saying that accessing support on this particular dating site isn’t exactly easy peasy lemon squeezy either way you slice it.

All things considered though, if your issue doesn’t require immediate attention then sending an email might work better since at least then you won’t feel like time wasted away while waiting for someone else on the other side who may never show up anyway. But hey..that’s just my two cents worth!

Mobile App

Ah, OasisDating. It’s the dating site that promises to bring people together and help them find their perfect match. But does it have a mobile app? Well, I’m here to answer all your questions about this online dating service!

Unfortunately for those of you who were hoping for an app from OasisDating – there isn’t one available yet. No native apps on iOS or Android platforms either (sad face). However, they do offer a mobile version of their website which is accessible through any web browser so you can still use the same features as if you were using it on desktop – just in a more compact form factor!
The main advantage of having no dedicated application is that users don’t need to download anything extra onto their device; plus with no downloads come fewer security risks and less storage space taken up by an unnecessary program. On top of this, not having an official app means updates are made much faster since developers only need to update the code once instead twice (once per platform) when creating new versions or adding new features like messaging notifications etc… The downside though is obviously lack-of convenience compared to having everything integrated into one single package – but hey at least we get access without needing another account setup right?

Overall then while its absence may be disappointing news initially – especially given how popular these types of services have become over recent years – rest assured knowing there are plenty other ways in which users can stay connected with each other via Oasis Dating… even if they’re stuck away from home without access too much technology beyond what fits inside our pockets 😉


OasisDating is a dating site that promises to be free, but don’t let the word "free" fool you. Sure, there are some features available for no cost – like creating your profile and searching through other users’ profiles – but if you want access to any of the good stuff (like messaging), then it’s time to open up your wallet! The paid subscription prices aren’t exactly competitive either; they’re definitely on the higher end compared with similar sites.

So what do you get when shelling out those extra bucks? Well, depending on which plan you choose, benefits can include unlimited messaging capabilities as well as more advanced search filters so that finding potential matches becomes easier than ever before. Plus – here’s something worth considering – OasisDating offers its members discounts at certain stores in exchange for their loyalty…so maybe spending money isn’t such a bad thing after all!

Bottom line: If budgeting isn’t an issue and convenience matters most to ya’, then by all means go ahead and invest in one of Oasis Dating’s plans…but if not? Then steer clear ’cause this ain’t gonna be cheap!

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Similar Sites

Some alternatives to OasisDating include Match.com, eHarmony, OkCupid and Plenty of Fish – all popular online dating sites that offer a variety of features for users looking for love or companionship.

  • OkCupid
  • Match.com
  • eHarmony
  • Plenty of Fish
  • Tinder

Best for

  • Best for those looking to find a long-term relationship.
  • Best for singles who are new to the dating scene and want an easy way to meet potential partners.
  • Best for people seeking casual relationships or companionship without commitment.


1. How much does OasisDating subscription cost?

OasisDating is way too expensive. Subscription costs are outrageous! Not worth it at all, in my opinion.

2. Is OasisDating worth the money?

I wouldn’t say OasisDating is worth the money. It’s not a great site and I’ve had some pretty bad experiences with it. Not sure if anyone else has had better luck, but for me, it wasn’t worth the cost at all.

3. How many users does OasisDating have?

I’m not sure how many users OasisDating has, but it’s definitely too many for my liking. It seems like there are way too many people on the site and I can’t seem to find anyone that meets my standards. Not a fan of this dating site at all!

4. Is OasisDating real?

Yes, OasisDating is real. But it’s not a great dating site – there are much better ones out there. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone looking for love online.

Jennifer Styers

Jennifer Styers is an online dating expert who has dedicated her career to helping singles find the perfect match. With a degree in psychology and years of experience working with couples, Jennifer brings unique insight into the world of modern romance. She began writing reviews on various dating sites and apps after experiencing first-hand how difficult it can be for people to navigate through all the options available today. Since then, she's been committed to providing honest feedback that helps readers make informed decisions about which platforms are best suited for their needs. Her work has appeared in major publications such as Cosmopolitan Magazine, Glamour Magazine, The Huffington Post and more; making her one of the most sought-after experts when it comes to navigating digital love connections! Jennifer also runs workshops where she teaches others how they can use technology safely while still having fun during their search for companionship or even marriage potentials! Additionally, she hosts events around town aimed at bringing together likeminded individuals looking for meaningful relationships without sacrificing safety or security measures along the way - proving that finding true love doesn't have to be so hard if you know what you're doing! In addition to being a successful author and public speaker on matters related specifically towards online dating advice & tips , Jennifer is passionate about giving back by volunteering with organizations focused on empowering women across different industries worldwide . Whether its mentoring young girls interested in STEM fields or advocating against domestic violence , Jen believes everyone deserves access resources needed reach full potential regardless race , gender orientation etc !

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