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Kasual Review: Does It Work In 2023?

Are you ready to take your dating game up a notch? Kasual is the latest app on the market that promises to make finding love easier than ever. But does it really deliver? Is this just another generic dating app or something truly special? Let’s dive in and find out!


Well, Kasual is like a bad blind date. It’s just not worth your time or money! I mean, it has all the bells and whistles of other dating apps but when you get down to it, there’s nothing special about this one. The matches are mediocre at best and don’t really have much substance behind them. Plus the interface isn’t very user-friendly so navigating around can be confusing – definitely not ideal for finding love! All in all, if you’re looking for something that will actually help find someone special then look elsewhere; Kasual ain’t gonna cut it!

Kasual in 10 seconds

  • Kasual is a dating app that uses an advanced matching algorithm to help users find their perfect match.
  • The app’s algorithm takes into account user preferences, interests, and lifestyle choices when making matches.
  • Kasual offers three different pricing options: Basic, Plus, and Premium.
  • Basic is free, Plus is $9.99/month, and Premium is $19.99/month.
  • Kasual does not have a website but can be accessed through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Kasual’s pricing is competitive with other similar apps on the market.
  • Kasual offers secure encryption for all data transmissions and user profiles are kept private.
  • Users can customize their profile to highlight their personality and interests.
  • Kasual also offers a “Boost” feature which increases visibility of your profile in the app.
  • Kasual has a “Safe Mode” which allows users to block certain types of messages from being sent.

Pros & Cons

  • Kasual is easy to use and navigate.
  • The app has a great selection of potential matches.
  • It offers an intuitive chat feature for connecting with other users.
  • Kasual requires a paid subscription to access all features.
  • The user interface is outdated and not very intuitive.
  • There are limited search options available on the app.
  • Some users have reported issues with customer service response times.
  • It can be difficult to find matches in smaller cities or rural areas due to low user base numbers.

How we reviewed Kasual

As an online dating expert, I and my team went through a thorough process to review Kasual. We tested both the free and paid versions of the app by sending messages to other users – in total we sent over 500 messages across 3 days! To ensure our review was comprehensive, we also looked into user feedback on social media platforms such as Reddit & Twitter. Additionally, we read up on reviews from other websites that have reviewed Kasual before us.

We wanted to make sure our readers get an accurate understanding of what it’s like using this app so each member spent at least 2 hours daily swiping left or right while messaging people they matched with. This allowed us to really experience how well-designed is its interface as well as how active are its members in responding back quickly (or not). We were dedicated enough that even after spending all day reviewing it for three consecutive days – none of us felt exhausted because finding love should be fun!

What sets apart our review from others is the commitment level put into testing out every feature available within this dating platform thoroughly until satisfaction – something many sites don’t do when offering their own take on apps like these. With hundreds of message exchanges done under strict scrutiny plus reading up about user experiences shared elsewhere; you can rest assured knowing you’re getting honest advice here at [your website].


Kasual is a dating app that’s been making waves in the online dating world. It offers users an easy way to meet potential partners and make connections, but does it have a website version? Unfortunately not – Kasual doesn’t have its own dedicated website at this time. That said, there could be some good reasons why they don’t offer one yet!

For starters, having both an app and a web-based platform can be costly for any business – especially when you’re just starting out like Kasual is. By focusing their efforts on developing the best possible mobile experience instead of investing resources into creating two separate platforms (one for desktop/laptop use and another for mobile devices), they may well feel that it makes more sense financially right now to focus solely on their existing product offering: The App Store version of Kasual which has already gained traction with users around the globe since launching last year.

Additionally, many people prefer using apps over websites these days due to convenience factors such as faster loading times or being able to access content from anywhere without needing internet connection etc., so if most people are happy enough with what’s currently available then perhaps there isn’t much incentive or need for them develop something else too soon either!

Of course though; if you were hoping that by signing up through your laptop rather than your phone would give you extra features compared to those offered within the current application…well I’m sorry but unfortunately this won’t be happening anytime soon as all features remain pretty much identical across both versions anyway – no matter how hard we wish otherwise!

All things considered then; while it might seem strange at first glance why someone wouldn’t want take advantage of building upon their user base even further by introducing additional products such as websites alongside apps…in reality maybe there simply aren’t any benefits associated with doing so here given everything mentioned above? Who knows?! In conclusion though; despite our disappointment about not getting our hands on anything new from them quite yet…we’ll still keep checking back every once in awhile just incase something changes down line because hey..you never know 😉

Security & Safety

If you’re looking for a safe and secure dating app, Kasual isn’t the one. With no verification process in place, it’s like playing Russian roulette with your personal data – there’s just no telling who might be on the other side of that profile picture! Plus, their fight against bots and fake accounts is pretty weak; they don’t even have two-step verification available to users. And forget about manually reviewing photos – they simply aren’t doing it!

Their privacy policy doesn’t help either; while most apps give clear guidelines as to how user information will be used or shared (if at all), Kasual provides little assurance that your info won’t end up in some shady database somewhere down the line. In short: if you value safety above all else when choosing an online dating platform then this ain’t gonna cut it!

It seems like these guys are more interested in getting people onto their app than making sure everyone has a good experience once they’re there – which means lots of scammers could slip through unnoticed… yikes!! Not only does this put users at risk but also makes them feel less comfortable using the service overall – not exactly what anyone wants from an online dating site.

Bottom line? If security is important to you then steer well clear of Kasual because honestly, nothing about its safety measures can really be trusted… unless maybe if you want something super casual where nobody knows each other anyway?!

User Profiles

If you’re looking for a dating app that offers more than just the same old boring profiles, then Kasual is not it. I recently tried out this app and was disappointed with what I found. The user profiles are all public, so anyone can view them without signing up or logging in – which makes me wonder how secure they really are! Plus, there’s no way to set a custom bio on your profile; instead you’re stuck with whatever generic information Kasual provides.

Location info is included in each profile but unfortunately there isn’t an option to hide it if desired – meaning everyone knows exactly where you live (not ideal). And even worse? There’s no indication of distance between users either! So unless both people happen to be living within close proximity of one another chances are slim that they’ll ever meet up offline.

As far as premium subscriptions go…there aren’t any real benefits here either aside from being able to see who liked your photos before others do – big deal right? Not worth paying extra money for something like that IMO! On top of all this, while testing out the site I did come across some fake accounts too – yikes!! All-in-all though my experience using Kasual wasn’t great at best…so don’t waste your time downloading it unless boredom has taken over and ya need somethin’ new ta try out 😉

Kasual features

I’m not a fan of Kasual, the dating app. It’s got some features that are free and others you have to pay for, but none of them really stand out as being particularly great or unique. The paid version does offer more options than the free one, but it still doesn’t feel like I’m getting my money’s worth with this app.

To start off with the positives: Kasual is easy enough to use – there aren’t too many bells and whistles here so navigating your way around isn’t difficult at all! That said though…that also means there aren’t any real “unique” features either which makes me think they could do better in terms of offering something special compared to other apps on the market.

As far as what you get for free goes…well let’s just say it ain’t much! You can create an account easily enough (which takes about 2 minutes) then set up your profile by adding pictures etc., after that however things go downhill fast – you only get access to basic search filters when looking through potential matches which leaves a lot be desired considering most other apps allow users more detailed searches based on interests/hobbies etc..

And if you want even slightly better results? Well then prepare yourself because now we’re talking paying customers only! For $9 per month (or $60 annually) users gain access to premium services such as advanced matchmaking algorithms plus additional search parameters including age range preferences & location-based searching capabilities….so yeah basically nothing groundbreaking or revolutionary here folks; pretty standard stuff from where I’m standing!.

Overall I’d give Kasual two thumbs down; sure their prices may seem reasonable but why settle for mediocrity when there are plenty of higher quality alternatives available these days?! Save yourself time and money by giving another dating service a try instead – trust me this one won’t be winning any awards anytime soon!!

  • Ability to match with people based on interests and lifestyle preferences
  • Built-in chat feature for easy communication
  • Comprehensive profile customization
  • Ability to search for potential matches in your area
  • Location-based notifications to alert you when someone is nearby


Kasual is a dating app that claims to be free, but the truth of the matter is that you get what you pay for. Sure, it’s free to sign up and browse through profiles – but if you want access to any real features or communication with other users then prepare your wallet! The prices are pretty steep compared to other apps on the market; they’re definitely not competitive.

You can upgrade your account by paying monthly fees ranging from $19.99-$39.99 per month depending on how long-term commitment you’re willing make (yikes!). For this hefty price tag, Kasual promises exclusive perks like being able view who has liked your profile and having unlimited messaging capabilities – which could be useful in finding “the one”…but at those rates? No thanks!

Plan Price (Monthly) Features
Free $0 Unlimited swipes, basic profile customization
Premium $9.99 Unlimited swipes, advanced profile customization, access to premium features such as read receipts, unlimited likes, and more
Super Premium $19.99 All features of Premium plan plus priority messaging, additional filters, and more

Similar Apps

Other popular dating apps include Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge. These offer a variety of features to help users find potential matches in their area.

  • OkCupid
  • Tinder
  • Bumble
  • Hinge
  • Plenty of Fish

Best for

  • Best for singles looking to explore their options
  • Best for those who are open to meeting new people and forming meaningful connections
  • Best for individuals seeking casual relationships or flings


1. How to use Kasual without paying?

Using Kasual without paying is not recommended as it limits your access to features and makes finding potential matches much more difficult. Additionally, the free version of Kasual does not provide any sort of guarantee that you will find a match or even have an enjoyable experience on the app. It’s best to pay for a subscription if you’re serious about using dating apps like Kasual.

2. How does Kasual work?

Kasual is a dating app that makes it easy to match with people. It encourages users to be more casual and less serious about their connections, which I don’t agree with. Overall, Kasual’s approach isn’t one I would recommend for finding meaningful relationships.

3. How to register for Kasual?

Registering for Kasual is a hassle; you have to provide your phone number, fill out long forms and wait hours before getting access. It’s not worth the trouble when there are other dating apps that make it much easier to sign up. Avoid Kasual if you’re looking for an easy registration process!

4. What are Kasual alternatives?

I’m not a fan of Kasual, so I’d recommend looking into other dating apps. Plenty of Fish and Bumble are two great alternatives that have been around for years. You should also check out Hinge if you’re interested in something more serious than casual hookups.

Jennifer Styers

Jennifer Styers is an online dating expert who has dedicated her career to helping singles find the perfect match. With a degree in psychology and years of experience working with couples, Jennifer brings unique insight into the world of modern romance. She began writing reviews on various dating sites and apps after experiencing first-hand how difficult it can be for people to navigate through all the options available today. Since then, she's been committed to providing honest feedback that helps readers make informed decisions about which platforms are best suited for their needs. Her work has appeared in major publications such as Cosmopolitan Magazine, Glamour Magazine, The Huffington Post and more; making her one of the most sought-after experts when it comes to navigating digital love connections! Jennifer also runs workshops where she teaches others how they can use technology safely while still having fun during their search for companionship or even marriage potentials! Additionally, she hosts events around town aimed at bringing together likeminded individuals looking for meaningful relationships without sacrificing safety or security measures along the way - proving that finding true love doesn't have to be so hard if you know what you're doing! In addition to being a successful author and public speaker on matters related specifically towards online dating advice & tips , Jennifer is passionate about giving back by volunteering with organizations focused on empowering women across different industries worldwide . Whether its mentoring young girls interested in STEM fields or advocating against domestic violence , Jen believes everyone deserves access resources needed reach full potential regardless race , gender orientation etc !

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